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Spooky Tooth Fairy Art Print

Spooky Tooth Fairy Art Print

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 Step into the mystical realm of childhood dreams with this captivating art print that marries the spooky and the whimsical. In this scene, the Tooth Fairy is not your typical sweet, sugarplum-winged character. Here, she exudes an eerie and mysterious charm. Standing against a dark backdrop, shrouded in the hauntingly beautiful mist, her presence sends shivers down your spine, and yet, you can't look away.

The Tooth Fairy herself is a hauntingly ethereal figure with a hint of whimsy. Her gossamer wings glisten with an otherworldly, almost phosphorescent glow. She wears a tattered, dark brown gown, hinting at her eldritch origins, and her moth-like antennae extend from stark white hair. In her outstretched hand, the star of the show emerges – a tooth that emanates a soft, eerie light. 

The spooky ambiance is balanced by the fairytale charm in the fairy's serene expression. Her dark, mysterious eyes are contrasted by a soft, enigmatic smile, inviting viewers into her world of wonders, where each tooth collected is a story in itself.

Original art of Hannah Mathis, printed on 110lb matte cardstock.

All mini (5”) prints are 1 for $15 or 2 for $25. Discount applied at checkout

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