✨ Who makes everything?✨

Everything available here features the original art and designs of me, Nashville-based artist, Hannah Mathis. Anything labeled "original" or "handpainted" in its title is one-of-a-kind and 100% produced by me. Prints are printed and packaged by me in my home studio. I get the charms for my keychains, ornaments, earrings, and pins laser cut and printed for me and then assemble them into their final forms. I get items such as card decks, greeting cards stickers, and coasters printed for me. Shirts and bucket hats are printed to order and sent to you via printify. 

✨ How Long does shipping take?✨

Glitter and Toadstools is a one-woman business, and I do my best to get your items to you as promptly as possible! Processing time depends on how many orders I've received that week, what items you ordered, and other factors. I make sure items are shipped out within 5 business days, and typically do my packing/shipping on Wednesday or Thursday. Once items have been dropped off at the Post Office, things are out of my control, but I keep an eye on packages until they are delivered to make sure nothing gets lost or takes too long. 

What do I do if something is missing or wrong with my order?

If you have any issues with your order, please let me know at glitterandtoadstools@gmail.com! I am so appreciative of each and every customer, and if something is amuck, I want to know and make it right! Thank you for accepting my humanness :) 

Do you accept returns/refunds?✨

If you are unhappy with your order, email glitterandtoadstools@gmail.com and let's work to together to find a solution! If we cannot find a solution, I am happy to issue a refund once you have shipped back your item. 

✨Do you take commissions?✨

I am currently accepting personal/non-commercial commissions under the "custom art" listing on my site! If you are looking to have me illustrate a poster, album cover, book cover, etc. please shoot me an email and I will let you know if yours is a project I can currently take on. I do not take on commissions for logos or product designs. 

✨Is Mothman real?✨

I like to believe that he is!