About Me

Hi! I'm Hannah, the human behind Glitter and Toadstools. I love mushrooms, animals, nature, folklore, cryptids and magic, and am a firm believer in year-round Halloween!

 I've been drawing animals, gnomes, and mushrooms since I was a little kid as a way to escape from the mundane and anxiety-inducing aspects of life. I started doing markets in 2022 and realized that people actually ✨liked✨ weird little drawings from inside my head, and I embarked on the grand journey of creating my own universe. Glitter and Toadstools is all about the art, but has turned into a whole brand including homewares, accessories, apparel-a little bit of everything. 

Everything I sell is drawn and designed by me! I also play a big part in the assembly, packaging, and quality control of my products, ensuring that each item has a handmade touch. I intentionally work with other eco-friendly and responsible small businesses, and work to generate as little waste as possible and to use environmentally friendly and recycled materials. This is truly a labor of love for me and an extension of my love of art and the environment!

Glitter and Toadstools is for everyone, with a particular focus on self-identified "weirdos". If you feel left out, or like no one else likes the same stuff as you, Glitter and Toadstools is here to say "you belong" and "do you like mothman?"