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Dapper Loveland Frogman Ceramic Coaster

Dapper Loveland Frogman Ceramic Coaster

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These ceramic stone coasters measure 4.25"x4.25" and come with cork backing. They have an absorbent surface and are great for multiple uses-they are perfect under cups, candles, plants, cauldrons and more!

About the Art:

This coaster transports you to the banks of the Little Miami River, where the enigmatic legend of the Loveland Frogman comes to life. 

The Loveland Frogman, often depicted as a mysterious humanoid frog, is dressed in a dapper vest and adorns a meticulously detailed pocket watch. His apparel reveals that he is a sophisticated a refined gentleman. 

Artwork by Hannah Mathis, the artist behind Glitter and Toadstools 

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