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Fauna, Fungi, and Folklore Oracle Deck

Fauna, Fungi, and Folklore Oracle Deck

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Introducing Glitter and Toadstools' first Oracle Deck! Featuring insects, forest critters, mushrooms, tools of witchcraft, and even the Baba Yaga and Mothman, this deck is inspired by fungi, fauna, and the folklore drawn from them!

There are four purchasing options:

Classic Deck: Comes with 40 3.5"x5" cards featuring original artwork, a guidebook, and velvet carrying bag, all packaged in a 5"x7" roll end box. 

Oracle Deck Box Set: Box Sets include a 40 card deck of 3.5"x5" cards, an accompanying guidebook with right-side-up and upside-down card interpretations, 3 waterproof stickers, a limited edition mini print, and a moss-green velvet carrying bag-all packaged in a matching roll-end box. 

Imperfect Deck and Guidebook: These decks have cards with slight imperfections and did not quite pass QC.This option includes an imperfect deck accompanied by a guidebook. 

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